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Recognizing that growth is crucial in all businesses of any size, TechoMarket utilizes its resources as a Digital Marketing agency to give our clients rise to promising returns at both the local and global level. With a strategic location in the Metro Atlanta area, TechoMarket branches its access to a high density of startups and corporate innovators in the southwestern United States. Nonetheless, it is with great pride that our web design team works closely with our clients to provide nothing other than superior digital marketing services that have been recognized by over 100 awards. We have dedicated full-time positions to project management, customer service, website development, and digital marketing to ensure we can provide you with fast, responsive service. Join Atlanta’s leading web design company and Digital Marketing Agency in taking your business’s marketing efficiency to the next level.

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TechoMarket is a digitalized marketing and development company focused on helping companies grow and evolve in the online world. Founder and CEO Arad Ghodrati started programming and web design at the age of 12. Before graduating from the University of Georgia with a bachelors degree in computer science, he founded TechoMarket in 2017 as an undergraduate student. However, after using his skill to help many companies flourish in the world of marketing, he soon combined his love for programming and business, thus creating TechoMarket. It is through his Digital Marketing company that Ghodrati and his team can utilize leading digital marketing strategies to assist businesses of any size to seek growth, regardless of their current status.

Digital Marketing Agency

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